Yilin Choo to show ethical jewellery at Treasure


Singaporian designer inspired by ancient North Thailand hill tribes.

Sustainable luxury jeweller Yilin Choo has been selected to be one of 80 jewellery designers on show at London Jewellery Week’s Treasure exhibition.

The Singapore-based designer will display four ready-to-wear collections, all with links back to the Karen hill tribe in northern Thailand, which has been making jewellery using similar techniques and materials for centuries.

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“Our appearance during London Jewellery Week is a huge honour because it is an acknowledgement from one of the top design capitals of the world that they welcome our label’s work,” said principle designer and proprietor Choo Yilin.

“It is our chance to showcase how we are fusing sustainability and luxury in fine jewellery to Western Europe. We are also excited to share our label’s design influence of an homage to life – that it is both beautiful and imperfect, captured by our pieces’ organic texture and asymmetry,” she added.

Choo Yilin’s jewellery celebrates both ancient tradition and modern sustainability – crafting jewellery from recycled silver and ethically sourced stones using ancient techniques.

It is about applauding life in all its imperfect beauty, according to the company. For that reason, the label’s designs are always organic and asymmetrical, with a preference for textured metals rather than high-polish and symmetry that has dictated high-end jewellery for so long.

The designs will be displayed alongside some of Britain’s leading luxury jewellers including Josef Koppmann, David Ashton and David Marshall at Treasure, which runs from 10-13 June at London’s Victoria House on Kingsway.


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