Rings based on famous city landmarks make international debut at IJL.

Zebra Design, a German jewellery brand specialising in silver and ceramic rings featuring photo images, has debuted for the first time internationally at IJL.

The brand is showcasing its collection of Stadtrings – or town rings – at the Unique Jewelry stand, with a view to reaching out to retailers in key UK cities, in particular those with a touristic edge.


The sterling silver designs feature a ribbon of photo paper depicting a selection of landmarks from famous cities in a graphic, cartoon-like design, coated in a clear ceramic material.

Zebra is showcasing its London rings at the show – the first time it has unveiled the collection to the international market.

Gerd Mones, head of sales at Zebra, said: “The brand only launched at the beginning of 2012 but already sells in 69 German cities and towns, with another 47 due soon.”

The rings are designed with retailers approaching Zebra with key landmarks from their town that they’d like to feature on the ring. Its in-house graphic designer creates a design of the cities on a strip of photo paper – which can come in a choice of 13 colours including blue, green, lilac and black – which are then made into a ring. One ring per city is created with one retailer per town winning exclusivity except in the case of larger cities.

“We have been astonished by their success,” said Mones. “We asked opinion leaders on the German jewellery scene about the rings and they’ve featured across the press in Germany.

“We no longer need to appear at shows like Inhorgenta because we already have such a strong brand in Germany, so we’re looking overseas now,” he added.

The brand asks for a minimum order of 50 rings. It also creates what it dubs its Lieblingsring – featuring babies or wedding photos – that can be set into the ring in a similar fashion.