Jewellery brand Zeemou Zeng, founded in 2017, has released a new collection just in time for Christmas 2020.

The Impressionists Collection takes inspiration from the Impressionists – including Monet, Manet and more.

There are nine sets of earrings and one ring in the Impressionists Collection, available now on the brand’s website.


Zeemou Zeng, a specialist in fine jewellery, specifies the exact painting which inspired each piece.

One pair of black dangle earrings, made in 18ct yellow gold with black onyx, were inspired by Luncheon in the Studio by Édouard Manet, for example.

“Created in the spirit of Impressionism,” the brand’s website reads, “these intricately crafted pieces are a statement of confidence, hope, freedom and joy.

“Designed as talismans, they are a reminder of the joy to be found in the pursuit and realisation of the dream.”

See more of the collection on the Zeemou Zeng website.