British jewellery brand ChloBo will soon be featured on the BBC Bitesize career page as part of a series of ‘day in the life’ documentaries.

The new instalment focuses on individuals providing advice, telling their own stories and sharing personal experiences from throughout their career.

For the episode on the fashion jewellery brand, the series presents a day in the life of the ChloBo HQ and explores how the brand has evolved through the eyes of founder and creative director, Chloe Moss.


BBC Bitesize is a platform used to inspire secondary school pupils. It is hoped this new series will offer practical tips, career advice, and further support for students exploring options for the future.

A representative from BBC Bitesize shares: “This is a vital platform for secondary school pupils to gain access to revision tips, careers advice and support with their studies, and a recent survey found that 59% of students said that Bitesize helped them get better grades in their GCSE’s.”

Alongside the documentary, ChloBo founder, Chloe Moss, will be visiting a number of schools in the North West throughout November discussing her experiences in more depth and providing the youngsters with a Q&A session.

ChloBo chief executive officer, Dave Rosalski, adds: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Chloe to share her experiences in the industry & give a realistic insight into the world of employment. This can be a very scary time for youngsters preparing to make some very important decisions and speaking to industry experts can provide comfort and guidance.

“We have loved working with the BBC in this project and very excited to see the final episode.”