Hatton Garden stone grader invests in new equipment.

European Diamond Reports is now able to identify CVD synthetic diamonds and HPHT coloured treated diamonds.

The Hatton Garden-based laboratory has spent the past few months researching and developing its in-house offer, investing in new equipment.


A release from E.D.R said: “Research and development in the diamond industry over the past 50 years have exposed us to all manner of diamond treatments, from laser filled to HPHT colour enhancements, and even lab grown synthetic diamonds.

“Due to the advances in such technology, determining these procedures is not an easy task. European Diamond Reports are proud to announce that after months of research and investment, our lab is now equipped with the latest and best technology in determining CVD and HPHT diamonds.”

E.D.R states that it is the only diamond grading lab in the UK to offer this service without compromising on the speed of its service, which takes place at its Hatton Garden HQ.

Since the lab launched the service at the beginning of August it has already successfully detected HPHT and synthetic diamonds submitted for grading.

The company added: “We at E.D.R always recommend that you purchase your diamonds from legitimate sources, but also understand that buying from the public is also a big part of the industry in this day and age.”