Le Bal des Roses neckpiece captures the spirit of this most regal bud.

While this year’s rose season over, there remains something ever so enchanting about this most regal of flowers and what better way to preserve their delicate layered bloom than in jewellery?

While brands have played with the unfurling, mille-feuille appearance of a rose’s petals and their myriad colours for decades, creating something as striking, detailed and, most surprisingly, made almost entirely of gemstones can only be the feat of one of the finest jewellery houses.


Step up Dior Joaillerie, the house known for its multicoloured, multi-gem masterpieces. This white and yellow gold neckpiece from the brand’s Le Bal des Roses collection is set with white, brown, pink, lilac and mauve diamonds. It has carved pink opal petals and emerald leaves set in spiky, thorn-like claws. It even has a diamond-set thorny stem clasp.


This article was taken from the August 2012 issue of Professional Jeweller magazine. To see a digital version of the issue click here.