Zaggora founder launches second start-up into jewellery market.

Dessi Bell already has one successful online retail business under her belt with the creation of Zaggora, a fitness fashion brand.

Now, at the age of 30, she is taking on the biggest names in the jewellery industry with the launch this week of Bijoux Palace, an online store for fashion jewellery.


Her runaway success with Zaggora has not only given her the business experience to create a second start-up, it has also given her connections in all the right places.

In the week of her launch, Bijoux Palace is featuring in the Daily Telegraph as part of their Festival of Business series.

Within a year of launching Zaggora, the business was generating revenue of over £10 million, but Bell says she expects to work her way into the jewellery market more slowly. At launch, she is offering a capsule range of 15 products, all priced between £30 and £100.

Through Bijoux Palace, Bell also aims to help women in the poorest parts of India. Every purchase on the web site will generate cash that will be funnelled into funds to support tiny start-ups in Rajasthan.

“Jewellery used to have a story. It was a necklace your husband bought for your birthday or an heirloom from your grandmother. Fashion jewellery has no story so I decided to give it meaning, a social purpose,” Bell told the Daily Telegraph.