Libby Johnson, director, H Johnson & Son

‘Fairtrade’ has been the keyword at Johnsons Jewellers in Nuneaton over the past year, as director Libby Johnson and the team have introduced both traceable diamonds and Fairtrade gold to the store. And it’s a development they have truly embraced.

“Around October time we agreed to host some visitors from a Fairtrade community,” says Libby. “We had the pleasure of meeting a lady called Josephine, and after she had been to Hockley Mint to witness the manufacturing process, she visited our store to see the gold jewellery on sale to customers. It must have been an emotional visit for her, seeing the end result that she works so hard for.”

As Libby’s children were learning about Fairtrade at school at the time of the visit, she also took the opportunity of inviting a small group from their class to listen to Josephine’s story. “She told them all about her life, showed them pictures of the mines and houses, and talked to them about the difference that Fairtrade makes to their community,” she explains.


Another highlight of the year has been the creation of a bridal area within the store, including an intimate booth for customer consultations. “This new area has also helped us to develop the bespoke side of our business,” adds Libby. “We have seen a huge increase in the number of customers who want to design their own pieces of jewellery, and as we have a very talented goldsmith we see this as one of the strengths of the business.”

Next on the agenda are 2017’s anniversary celebrations. “Originally set up in 1897, Johnsons Jewellers has grown considerably over the 120 years it has been trading – especially during the 40 years that my father has been running the business. I hope I can fill his shoes in the coming years – not that he has any plans to retire…just yet!”

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