A St Albans jeweller will not turn away customers without face masks, she told BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, despite today’s rule change regarding the wearing of the PPE in all shops and enclosed public spaces.

The rule change today means that shoppers without face masks could incur a fine of up to £100.

The ruling has not been without controversy, though, with some shop staff complaining they will put their own safety at risk if they try to enforce the rule on possibly irate clients.


Sarah Gillow, co-founder of Galio jewellers in St Albans, Hertfordshire, told BBC Radio 5 Live this morning: “People that have got the courage to come out and spend are few and far between.

“We think we have achieved a lot of social distancing within the shop. It’s almost like you are outside.

“We’ve got the back doors open; we’ve got the front doors open; there’s full ventilation. So I won’t say ‘no’ [to customers without face masks].”

Galio was founded by Sarah and David Gillow in 1992 and offers “one of the widest collections of contemporary fine jewellery in the country” according to its website.

It also provides full repair and valuation services for both watches and jewellery.