Designer teams with Louise Androlia for As Above So Below range.

Jessica de Lotz has unveiled a talismanic new jewellery collection, created in collaboration with tarot reader and artist Louise Androlia.

The As Above, So Below range is described as "an enchanting collaboration that brings talismanic jewellery into the modern day".


The due has crafted a range inspired by astrology but focused very much on the present day, to be as personal as possible to the wearer. Each piece is created "to bring the wearer inner power" features motifs and signs including the infinity symbol, an awakened eye and the Zodiac, that have been redesigned by Androlia through unique illustrations, before being individually engraved then hand-stamped to form De Lotz’s signature wax seal jewellery.

De Lotz, a Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2014 Trendsetter, said: “Jewellery should provide a connection between the piece and its wearer. This collection is a message to the wearer that they can gain personal power and embodiment from their new treasure.”

Each piece is set with a precious stone and comes accompanied by an illustration by Louise and an empowerment sentiment. The collection is available in oxidised or polished silver with gold highlights or alternatively 18ct yellow gold plate or solid gold.

The collection includes necklaces, rings, studs and earrings, bangles and brooches, collar pins and cufflinks.

As an Astrology enthusiast, Androlia was keen to bring her love for the stars to the pieces, stating: “Astrology shows us that we are not victims of fate, but that in fact, destiny is our partner in crime. With this in mind, I pulled in some of my favourite symbols.

“Jessica and I have been friends for many years and have always had a strong creative affinity. I’m beyond thrilled that we decided to team up and merge our brains into one to create this collection that is so close to our hearts. Jessica is a true storyteller with an incredible ability to create pieces infused with personality and soul. The combination of our unique takes on the world around us has given us a non-stop passion for this project.”