Classic Turkish craft technique picks up V&A as one of many stockists.

A jewellery designer that established a business to “open up the market” for needle lace jewellery pieces in the UK has revealed that her collection is now being sold by more than 200 retailers.

Arzu Keles set up A Keles four years ago and continues to build her network of gift stockists after seeing success with a number of notable names.


New buyers include Chateau de Versailles, the V&A Museum, Family Tree, the Dartington Trading Company and A bespoke acorn range of necklaces and brooches has also been designed for the National Trust.

The jewellery is made using a fine needle that creates a series of knots and is mostly available in flower motifs although Swarovski crystal pieces are also now included in the collection.

Keles, who is from Turkey but now lives in London, was adamant from the very beginning that there was a market for Turkish needle lace in the UK.

“I wanted to bring the collection to the UK because I believe that people will appreciate the work that goes into the handmade needle lace,” she explains. “I was brought up with needle lace work around me and it is valued in Turkey but not well known in the UK.”

Keles is in regular contact with her network of local makers in Turkey and collectively they produce necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings, rings, tiaras, scarves, air accessories and pouches. Prices range from £3.65 per flower.

“I have brought jewellery and individual needle lace pieces here to open up the market and it is working,” she adds. “The villages where the products are made are appreciating the fact that people are buying the jewellery in the UK and around the world. It is appealing to a certain type of discerning buyer.”