New multi-brand platform aims to change the way consumers buy fine jewellery

Misa & Nimesh

Two MBA London Business School graduates have launched a new integrated multi-brand platform with the aim to change the way consumers buy fine jewellery.

Co-founders Misa Zahar and Nimesh Thakrar met during their MBA at London Business School in 2009 and started the business Banneya London a few years after graduating.

Banneya London showcases the best of contemporary jewellery designs, all customisable and made to order.

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The platform works with precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, with the UK’s leading craftsmen custom making each piece. The fusion of digital fabrication technology and craftsmanship enables Banneya London to create the most intricate pieces on demand for their customers.

Customers and designers alike have responded positively to the platform so far. Designers love it because designing and making fine jewellery requires such substantial upfront investment in gold, diamonds and labour, that it ties up most of their resources and stifles their ability to grow. Banneya London gives designers greater creative freedom, access to an unlimited virtual inventory and allows them to focus on their key strength – design.

The business was born from a feeling of “brand fatigue” – the realisation that women no longer wanted to be told what to wear and how to wear it, and the understanding that technology had changed the way women shopped forever. Being able to create a piece of jewellery to order would satisfy the thirst for uniqueness and originality many customers seek. The founders realised, however, that most might creative find the process daunting and, therefore, set out to find the most skilled designers to create models that could be customised, personalised and made to order.

Zahar’s family background is in luxury lingerie and children’s fashion. Her love for all things beautiful brought her to Alfred Dunhill within the Richemont group, where she was head of merchandising for the European, American and Middle Eastern markets. Thakrar started his career in Formula 1 having joined the Honda Team soon after his mechanical engineering degree from Imperial College. His post-MBA role at Amazon has meant that Banneya London consistently places the customer experience at the heart of the company’s values.

Banneya London is currently on-boarding leading and emerging contemporary designers who have been recognised for their creative strength and their commercial appeal. They have been working with talented fashion designers such as Georgia Hardinge, the winner of the “BFC Contemporary” sponsorship by the British Fashion Council, and have most recently signed the award-winning Dalia Daou.

Banneya London is striving to create a community of the best contemporary designers and to become the destination of choice for anyone looking for beautifully crafted pieces made to order.

The women’s jewellery prices range from £525 to £6,000 with the majority of pieces in the £1,000-£1,500 range.

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