Congrats on securing a deal with Inverness Ear Piercing, why did you want to work with this company?

Our company Goodman Bros t/a Connoisseurs and Lox Jewellery Care specialise in service and solution brands, which is why we have entered the ear piecing business.

Inverness was our brand of choice, the world’s safest and gentlest ear-piercing system. Inverness was established in 1974 with the invention of a safe, quick and sterile system for piercing ears in a retail environment. More than 200 million people around the world have been pierced with the Inverness Ear Piercing System.


This gives jewellers a great advantage, they can offer professional piercing with a brand which has unique benefits, only Inverness piercing earrings are fully encapsulated to prevent exposure to contaminates prior to piercing. Our exclusive earring back promotes safer healing by shielding the sharp piercing tip and preventing the back from being squeezed too tight.

Piercing is a very hot trend at the moment!

Yes, piercing has always been a tradition and even hotter now with new styling and trends. With Inverness there is no reason why a jeweller should not capitalise on this opportunity, as you can pierce safely and also pierce cartilage. You can’t have your ears pierced online!

Piercing generates footfall and it creates loyalty, customers tend to return for their first pair of earrings and remember this key event. Consumers would prefer to have their ears pierced in a professional and trusted environment which is where the jewellers come in.

 How easy will it be for retailers to get set up in store? – for example, is it as easy as getting trained, or do they need a dedicated area in store etc.?

 Very easy – there are lots of misconceptions about getting into the business. We support the entire process including setup, license applications and professional training.

 What can jewellers expect from the training?

Training is where we excel, we demonstrate it’s as easy as 1-2-3, It is really that simple. The Inverness medically hygienic system is safe, gentle and sterile for true peace of mind piercing.

Once trained the staff are empowered to deliver this service with confidence and professionalism.

All new partners are trained in store and we will also offer free training days at the NAJ Birmingham office, to book your place contact us: tel. 01223 828718 email.

What has the response been to Inverness so far?

Brilliant! Jewellers are being trained and launching as we speak. At the soft launch held at the CMJ show earlier this month, jewellers loved the unique features of Inverness:

  • Simplicity and safety of the system
  • Can pierce cartilage
  • No noise and less traumatic
  • Ultra-sharp post, honed point
  • Hand pressure piercing instrument delivers piercing complete with the back on
  • Exclusive safety backs to protect and aid healing
  • Getting back into the piercing business was so simple

Alongside Inverness you will be showing new products from Connoisseurs and Lox at IJL, could you tell me about the highlights?

Connoisseurs and Lox continue to bring innovation and go from strength to strength. We will be bringing awareness to green benefits around our products which we haven’t talked about before – we are aware this is close to many retailers and consumers hearts: NONTOXIC, BIODEGRADEABLE and REUSABLE.

The new cleaning foam has some excellent qualities, could you talk us through these?

Connoisseurs new Jewellery Cleansing Foam is a gentle yet effective cleansing solution that penetrates deep down into the crevices of jewellery and between the prongs to offer a cleansing method that jewellery owners will find easy and convenient to use.

Cleans gold, platinum and silver jewellery, precious and delicate gemstones, pearls and fashion jewellery and makes it easy to clean large pieces as well.

Features and benefits:

  • Cleans pearls and fashion jewellery
  • Cleaning large articles never been easier
  • Easy to use and quick
  • Smells great, just like a cosmetic hair mouse
  • Ideal for travel

As jewellers come towards Christmas, how can they use Connoisseurs products to bolster business?

Jewellers are still amazed by Connoisseurs Jewellery and Lox Secure Earring Backs, business generated, and value added.

Christmas especially key and jewellers will capitalise, we will also be supporting jewellers to run cleaning events and promotions to drive footfall and to keep customers in store for longer. Jewellers will be offered gift packaging to make jewellery care gift sets – the perfect gift for your jewellery lover.

And for Lox, how does the seals set a jeweller apart from competition?

The hygiene seals for earrings are a revelation as the earrings can be boxed beautifully and the seal is discrete. The hygiene seal allows jewellers to offer a better solution and experience. This product is designed to improve service and promote more earring sales. Just think about swim wear, like earring you can’t exchange by law – by offering customers the opportunity of a hygiene seal – they can now shop with confidence and gift with ease which will be presented neatly and not in a tamper bag.

Anything else to add?

Look out for our new jeweller care stations.