RETAIL STARS: Bobby White & Tommy White, Creative Director & Managing Director, Bobby White


Bobby and Tommy White were propelled into the front rooms of the nation earlier this year when the life and times of their London jewellery business were captured by the Channel 4 cameras for a documentary called ‘Million Pound Jewellers’.

After following the brothers around for a year, the behind-the-scenes footage proved an instant hit with viewers and led to the programme being repeated multiple times. Newspaper coverage followed, elevating the pair to celebrity status and exposing the Bobby White name to a bigger audience than they could ever have imagined.

“It’s opened so many doors for us and bought to us many high net new customers that have never heard of Bobby White before,” says Tommy. “This type of marketing would not have been possible for our size of business. We now get stopped in the street and get amazing comments about our jewellery designs. This will only continue to bring in new customers and encourage our customers to make repeat purchases.”

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One of the unforeseen benefits of the show is the trust that it has instilled in customers, adds Tommy. “Our online sales of big ticket items have increased. Before the show, if we received any sales online worth more than £5,000 I would know who they were or I would have a connection with them from a friend or customer. Now we’re making big sales online without even chatting to the person first on the phone.”

As viewers would have seen, the business takes its work extremely seriously and is proud of its craftsmanship.

“Over the years we have built up a great client list that I could only have dreamed off when I started in jewellery at 16,” admits Bobby. “But as I grow my ambitions grow and we need to move up to the levels to create a brand that is recognised worldwide. The documentary was a step-up because it’s showcased what we’re creating at Bobby White daily.”

The Whites’ TV appearances do not end here. Bobby is prevented from saying too much right now but he reveals that there is something “very big” being put in place over in LA right now. “We’re going to grow very big and very strong over the next few years,” he predicts.

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