Rising Stars

The Edinburgh-based jewellery brand, which specialises in cartilage piercings, was founded less than two years ago, originally intended as no more than a “side hustle” for founder and creative director Laura Bond.

It quickly became apparent, however, that there was far more potential in the business than she initially realised.

Laura displayed her entrepreneurial savvy in starting the brand after spotting a gap in the market for quality solid gold cartilage piercings.


“I was also frustrated that many earrings only came in pairs,” the founder has said, “so all of our earrings are sold as singles so you can mix and match depending on what piercing placement you want them for.”

Laura then knew instinctively that the place to promote Laura Bond Jewellery was Instagram, and did so by modelling her creations in her own extensive variety of 14 ear piercings.

The brand now boasts more than 63,000 followers on Instagram alone and includes in its fanbase celebrities like Lily Allen and Michelle Visage.