Rocked to build on bespoke jewellery market


Concierge-style company will partner clients with British designers.

Rocked London is looking to become the go-to company for jewellery commissions, having joined forces with several jewellery designers including Tomasz Donocik, Laura Gravestock, Jayce Wong and William Cheshire.

The company was launched in September this year after its founders, Catherine Barr and Zoe Hinckley, spotted a niche in the market to aid time poor consumers in their search for bespoke jewellery design.

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Now the two former advertising executives have announced that Rocked London is on the lookout for a handful more designers to complete its offer, with the aim of operating with 20 to 30 designers on its books.

Rocked will function as a consultancy for consumers when they are looking to have a piece of jewellery made but are unsure of where to start.

The Rocked London website offers a glimpse into the designers the company works with and allows potential clients to get in touch, either to meet in person or to liaise with Barr and Hinckley via email, to explain their requirements or the style of jewellery they are looking for.

Rocked will then offer the clients some ideas based on the jewellery created by the designers they work with, and will get in touch with the designer(s) the client feel most suits their need.

Following a soft launch earlier this year the company has completed several commission projects, which last an average of six to eight weeks from first contact to final product.

Barr and Hinckley have already signed up the likes of Duffy, Yunus & Eliza, Gina Melosi, Natalia Schroder and Leyla Abdollahi, a number of whom were listed as NexGems in this year’s Professional Jeweller Hot 100.

Barr said of the initiative: “We have had a number of interesting projects so far, including a woman who was getting married but just wanted a headpiece to match her vintage wedding dress. She was after something quite sculpted and was stuck because everything on the high street was so samey.

“We got in touch with Yunus & Eliza to see if they could help. It makes things more personal, working to her style and her brief.”

Hinckley said that a number of the designers they are working with are excited by the potential commissions it will bring their way, especially if it is a chance to create something so different from their usual style.

“William Cheshire, for example, is looking forward to working on some potentially larger-scale pieces, having refined his look recently with his Libertine collection,” explained Barr.

Their advertising background has seen them work with publications such as the Financial Times’ How to Spend It as well as magazines for the residents of Kensington and Chelsea in London.

“We can use this to build on what we know about such shoppers. They are cash rich, time poor. We know that our service will be good for gents who are looking for something unique and of course we have got to know different jewellery designers thanks to our background,” said Hinckley.

Rocked London is on the lookout for a few more designers, say the pair, as not everyone is available to carry out a commission, particularly at busy times of year.

“Designers are often so busy that they might want to take a commission but know they will have difficulty fulfilling it or not a lot of time, so we will have others just in case, so no one misses out,” Barr explained.

“We are very much focused on one-of-a-kind pieces. We aren’t an online store and we won’t be selling designer’s wider collections. This is about creating jewellery that is unique,” she added.

The company says it has already been well received by the public, and has also built relationships with a number of fashion stylists. They are currently focused on meeting with consumer magazines to build buzz around the concept with readers across the country.


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