Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Value of goods stolen during Hatton Garden heist rises to £25m

The value of the goods stolen during the infamous Hatton Garden heist has risen to an estimated £25m. It was originally thought the value of...

‘Jewellery designer’ jailed for creating fake purchase invoices

La Bulle Limited's company director has been jailed following an investigation promoted by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Director, Mike East, formally known as Michael...

London-based diamond dealers jailed for laundering £53 million

A couple who ran a diamond trading business from their home in East Finchley, have been jailed for a £53 million laundering operation. Danny...

More than £100,000 worth of gold jewellery stolen from St Ives gift shop

Cornwall-based independent gift and jewellery store Kudos has been the victim of a smash and grab raid. On October 18 burglars made off with an...

Employee theft cited as largest cause of retail loss

Crime cost retailers £2.34 billion last year, according to a recent survey conducted by conference series Retail Risk London, and the UK Retail Fraud...

Lewes jeweller hit by smash and grab in broad daylight

Lewes High Street retailer, David Smith Jewellery, was hit by a smash and grab at 1.45pm yesterday. A masked man armed with a hammer carried...

Jury retires to consider verdict in Hatton Garden raid trial

Jurors in the trial of four men accused of being involved in the Hatton Garden heist retired yesterday to consider their verdict. The judge has...

Raider ‘had no skills to offer’ Hatton Garden heist

One of the men accused of being part of the Hatton Garden heist could not have been involved because he lacked any skill to...

Smash and grab gang hit Mayfair store three weeks after opening

Mayfair’s latest luxury jewellery and watch boutique, Time Machine, was hit by a smash and grab gang yesterday, who escaped with thousands of pounds...

Hatton Garden heist site could become a museum

The Hatton Garden heist site could become a museum after Tottenham Hotspur vice-president David Pearl takes on a long lease at the 88=90 Hatton...