London-based fine jewellery brand Tessa Packard London has this month launched its latest collection, For King And Country.

In the latest range jewellery designer and Hot 100 2015 Trendsetter Tessa Packard draws inspiration from the golden ‘Age of Discovery’. This period of time has long been considered an intriguing part of history – marking the season in which extensive overseas exploration emerged as a powerful factor in European culture and globalisation.

The For King And Country collection takes into account man’s motivation behind their decision to leave home; was it for King and country, wealth and power, or simply a fascination for the unknown and a desire for adventure?


As such, the range has an elegant and monochromatic aesthetic, antiquated in look and in keeping with the subject matter and period of history from which it originates. Nautical instruments – such as the compass and sextet – play alongside symbols of the northern star and lunar cycle – the essential landmarks of navigating the seas at the time – to form truly unique and richly narrated pieces of fine jewellery.

Tessa’s contemporary design and modern touch is however apparent throughout, resulting in a unique offering which is very much in keeping with the brand to date.

Black and white south sea pearls feature heavily, marking a first for the brand and as a nod to the quest for bounty and the trade routes established from the Age of Discovery. Diamond-capped stones representing the stars and phases of the moon bring a touch of symmetrical flair and mesmerising modernity to the collection, whilst lines and shapes evocative of circumnavigation and round-the-world exploration bring softness and delicacy to the forms.

Notable pieces include one-of-a-kind, opera length necklaces, heavy-set in pearls and semi-precious stones; a cocktail ring in carved crystal and gold, pave-set with diamonds; playful, drop earrings with interchangeable parts; mother-of-pearl moon cufflinks; and a dramatic suite of jewellery encompassing all elements of the collection – from the swirling momentum of the cosmos to the architecture of the sea-bound skies.