Company grows record breaking 10.02ct synthetic diamond

Synthetic crop

New Diamond Technology has set a new benchmark for the size of lab-grown synthetic diamonds by creating a 10.02ct square emerald-cut using the high pressure high temperature method.

The International Gemological Institute Hong Kong believes this to be the world’s largest HPHT-grown colourless diamond to date.

According to an original report from JCK, IGI Hong Kong certified the type IIa stone, grading it as VS1 clarity, E colour, with a very good-excellent finish.

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Two months ago IGI Hong Kong also released a report for a 5ct radiant brilliant and a 4ct cushion brilliant, both grown by NDTC by the same company.

The 10.02ct synthetic diamond was cut from a 32.2ct piece of man-made rough, which was created in under 300 hours by New Diamond Technology’s headquarters in St. Petersburg.

There is currently no confirmed value for the stone.

New Diamond Technology plans to showcase the diamond this week at its booth at the JCK Las Vegas trade show

Picture Credit: International Gemological Institute.

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