Theo Fennell, founder, Theo Fennell

Pictured in the workshop next to his studio, above his Fulham Road shop, Theo Fennell reflects on the early days of his career.

“It was in a traditional workshop like this that I first realised how very agreeable and challenging it might be to design and make pieces such as we do now,” he says.

Theo has come a long way since then, but, as he correctly predicted, running his eponymous jewellery design business has remained both agreeable and challenging to this day.


When asked about his greatest success of the past 12 months, he is pragmatic in his reply: “For any independent jewellery design company, keeping a studio, workshop and showrooms really busy for a year is a triumph in itself, so anything else is a bonus. We have made some exceptional pieces in the workshop and our apprentice gained his freedom, so happy days!”

Theo continues to win plaudits for the work he has done to promote and encourage young jewellery designers to flourish in the industry, while in his own business he is quick to pay tribute to the skilled craftsmen that help deliver the originality and quality associated with his fine jewellery.

“Adding a new team member is of enormous importance to us,” he adds. “Our ambitions are all related to how good we can become, which will, in turn, dictate how desirable our work will be.”

With an increasing number of people now seeking bespoke jewellery and silverware, the future continues to look bright for the business, and Theo is not short of plans to ensure its longevity: “We have many new pieces in the pipeline, as always, and we have converted the top floor of our flagship into a showroom for our hand-crafted English silver.

The days of anodyne ‘branded goods’ seem to be drawing to a close, and continuing to be ourselves and produce very special pieces acts as a catalyst to speed this process,” he concludes.

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