In the wake of the introduction of a new national lockdown across mainland Scotland, the Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC) has voiced its opinion that shops closed under the new restrictions need more financial support from the government.

SRC director David Lonsdale commented on the new £375 million allocation from the UK Government, demanding that it be used while Scottish retailers wait for more support at the end of the month.

He explained: “It’s vital a fair portion of these newly devolved funds are swiftly used to prop up so-called non-essential retailers here in Scotland whose businesses are balanced on a knife edge whilst prevented from opening.


“Shuttered Scottish shops will miss out on about £675 million pounds in revenue during the current lockdown until the end of January – putting previously profitable businesses on the edge.

“In England these funds will be directed at retail, hospitality, and leisure businesses forced to close down.

“Whilst the mechanisms of support may well be different here – and the Scottish Government has already laid out some support – it’s fair and appropriate these new funds are used to support the same types of firms in Scotland.

“We therefore hope the Finance Secretary will provide early clarity on how this latest windfall will be used to keep retail and other consumer facing firms viable during the current forced hibernation.”