SOCIAL MEDIA: Marketing your business on Pinterest

In part one we looked at marketing on Facebook, but with visual content one of the key marketing trends for 2015, Pinterest is fast becoming an influential and valuable social media platform.

eMarketer estimates Pinterest’s user base will reach 47.1 million in 2015; an impressive year-on-year rise of 11.45%.

To ensure you are making the most of Pinterest Simon Horton of ShopIntegrator shares his tips on how to optimise your presence.

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Do your homework: Even if you are already enthusiastically pinning away it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and reflect on what it is you are looking to achieve. If you know your goals then you are far more likely to be successful.

Explore other businesses’ boards and pins. For some inspiration take a look at Stella & Dot . I think they’ve got it spot on.

Variety is the spice of life: “At Pinterest we’ve found the best performing pins have three things in common, they are beautiful, interesting and actionable” Pinterest.

Pin eye-catching, usable and interesting content on a variety of subject boards. Here are a few board ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

• We love/our favourite things
• Fan pinboards
• Gift ideas
• Contests
• ‘How to’ video guides
• Blog posts
• Product showcase
• Seasonal trends
• Meet the team
• Quotes
• Events
• Charitable partners
• Celebrity
• Coming soon

Create visual impact: To inspire your audience and increase the likelihood of being re-pinned, use interesting, high-impact visual content supported by engaging copy.

High-quality, bright, colourful images work best. If you are showcasing products don’t just use run of the mill stock photos, think how you can stage products in interesting ways. Remember you are looking to inspire.

Try adding some well-chosen words to images. Inspirational or amusing quotes can work well. There are plenty of services that enable you to do this quickly and easily. Try Pinwords or PicMonkey.

Engage: Your focus should be connecting to your audience through lifestyle and interests. No doubt you have a board showcasing your products you may also want to think about wider lifestyle boards such as style boards, trend boards, colour boards or inspirational gift boards. Whatever reflects the interests and lifestyle of your customers.

Pinterest is about engagement and interaction. Like, re-pin and comment as much as you can. To understand your customers better and their aspirations, take a look at their boards.

Pinterest presents you with a great opportunity to build your brand personality. Try a ‘meet the team’ board where customers can see behind the scenes of your business. If you work with charities or on community projects then be sure to set up a board reflecting your businesses social awareness.

These are just a few ideas to boost your presence, so feel free to share via @ShopIntegrator or in comments below. Do also check out the Pinterest for business blog for some more great tips and examples. Happy pinning!

About the author: Simon Horton is the founder of ShopIntegrator, a hosted shopping cart ecommerce plugin that makes it easy for anybody to add an online store onto their existing website without any coding.



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